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WIDEYEDESIGNS is committed to providing big, bold, EYE catching art for businesses and passerby's alike. Anyone can rip something off someone else, but only with WIDEYEDESIGNS will you get a one of a kind, truly unique piece of art guaranteed to open EYES. Trends come and go but tried and true craftsmanship is here to stay. It is my goal to see WIDEYEDESIGNS at the forefront of making art handmade, hand painted, and custom as it once was before.

about the artist



My name is Austin Davis. 

I am a self taught working artist currently based out of Olympia, WA. When asked what kind of work I specialize in, I struggle to give a simple answer. My work varies greatly from abstraction to realism, impressionistic expressionism to commercial branding, logo design, and typography. I have shown my work in prestigious art galleries and for a time even sold paintings from the trunk of my car. I'm not too sure what that makes me, but I do know one thing. I love creating art, PERIOD. Anywhere and anyway I can do that, I will. I pride myself on being able to do ANYTHING my clients throw at me, cranking the dial up to twelve, and dishing out something they didn't think possible. THAT IS MY SPECIALTY.


I only have a couple rules. 

  1. Everything I do is 100% custom and unique to each individual client. You will never catch me recycling someone else's designs or my own for that matter. Your ideas, and mine, are our own. Lets keep it that way. 

  2. Every stage of the process is done BY HAND. From pencil to paint. It sets me apart and I truly believe it gives every piece it's own identity. 

  3. I feel it is necessary to meet all clients face to face, if possible. Art should be personal and I want to make sure I am doing a job we both can be proud of. That is very difficult to do if I do not know the person I am making it for. 

So please don't be shy, be original, be bold, and let's talk when you're ready. 

Thank you.

All the best, 




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