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Colored Space

Art transcends the monotony of everyday life.
It does not abide by the rules of logic and reasoning but speaks directly to the heart.
It can win wars, build empires, and inspire change – regardless of race, culture, or religion.
Art is the glue that unites us all.





Let me ask you this – What is the reason people come to your business? Let’s face it, no matter how good the food is, the service is, the product, they must first decide to open the door. To be curious enough to want to see what YOU have to offer. YOUR menu, YOUR product, YOUR business.


That is where I come in. I can make your business not just a building but a destination.


In today’s age of reproduction and standardization, standing out from the pack is becoming increasingly challenging. In Olympia alone there are over 30 coffee shops in the area – why do you go to the same one day after day? Is it because their coffee is simply better than the rest? Is it the service? Or is it the feeling you get when you walk in? The ambiance – their décor & aesthetic – their music, their ART? Would the Hard Rock Café be as popular as it is if it didn’t have records and guitars hanging up on their walls or is it truly because of their unique menu? They have something that makes them different. And today, different is what separates you from the ordinary. So will you be THE ONE, or just one of?



When you purchase art you’re not just helping that individual artist, you are actively promoting the community to do the same. Saying no to big business and saying yes to craftsman has a special ripple effect which can be felt through the community whole. You are proving that quality comes before convenience and that is directly reflected through your own business and product. YOU have something unique to offer that no one else can.


Promoting artwork in the public space creates a feeling of unity to all peoples regardless of belief, age and background. Whether it’s thought provoking or simply accents and accentuates a space. It builds a more inclusive community that invites its citizens and visitors to interact and socialize, therefore driving in customers. It can turn any ordinary city into THE city. A place to be rather, than just a place.

“Civic investment in public art can strengthen a city’s identity and sense of place and contribute to economic growth.”

-City of Olympias Art Board of Directors. 


When you have something that grabs people’s attention, something that demands a second glace, you aren’t just giving them something pretty to look at, you are giving them a reason to stay just a little while longer. And today, that is everything. If you can draw in a crowd, you can drum up business. It has been proven time and time again that cities that invest in their public imagine THRIVE. That is a fact.

“In 2014, cultural organizations in the Central Puget Sound region and their patrons generated $2.4 billion in business activity. This is due to spending that organizations make in the process of supplying their services – 93% of which is spent locally from patrons. Ticket sales accounted for one-third of patron spending, with the remaining two-thirds spent in restaurants, transportation, hotels, retail shops... Cultural activity clearly drives spending in our downtowns and our neighborhoods, as 75% of patrons surveyed reported the primary reason for their outing was to attend the event at which they were interviewed.”



Investing in the Public Arts has a direct correlation to a community’s economic growth. It drives locals out of their homes and tourists in. Do people visit France just for the food, the people? Perhaps. But I’d argue it’s because of that famous pointy tower and the Louvre. You give people a reason to visit and they will stay, and everyone benefits.


Now that you have a general idea of what Wideyedesigns can, the only thing left to do is turn your ideas into reality.


So how exactly do you go about the task of booking our services. Easy!

  1. Brainstorm some of your ideas on to paper. Consider layout, color schemes, key imagery, details, text and fonts that bring your message home.

  2. Send me what you have in mind! Either through my business line: (360)706-3118 or my email: From here we’ll discuss the timeframe and deadline of the project, as well as my availability, the size/scale and your overall budget.

  3. I will then have each client involved, fill out an “art agreement form” going over all details of the project, ensuring that ALL information is correct and accounted for.

I will quote you with an overall price for the project according to sq.ft. Gather all necessary materials (includes exact colors, brushes, etc) before the start of the project. Collect a deposit, ($100) up front cost covering ALL materials that will go towards the overall cost of the project.


That’s it! The only thing left to do is sit back and enjoy your new finished piece of art. I look forward to speaking with you soon!


First, we will arrange and discuss the possibilities of what exactly you are looking for. This includes – specific details such as; color schemes, logos/brands, lettering, subject matter, size, scale and general theme of what you are interested in getting done. Once you are satisfied and check off that every one of your ideas is committed in writing we will move on to the next step.


Drafting will consist of turning those ideas into a series of rough sketches so that you and I are able to visually see what it is that you have imagined and we can get a general idea of what the finished product will be. This step is very important. I will again ask that you are satisfied and that we have included all subject matter that you desire.


Once we have double and triple checked the outlines and have made, any necessary adjustments will we move on to a final draft. This will be a ‘clean’ and refined rendering of the previous drafts and is also when you can get a rough base price quote on the entire project. Then, only once you have approved and signed off can we execute.


Before putting brush to paint I will need to purchase all products needed for my project, of which I require an upfront payment (receipts included). Together we will check one last time to make sure that we have the right colors, and everything you are looking for. Then, I will prepare the area.

This includes – masking any surfaces off from unwanted paint, laying down tarps, and beginning to lay an outline on surface itself. That’s it!


This is a answer relies heavily upon multiple variables as well as being very specific to each individual piece. However, I have narrowed it down to SIZE, TIME, and DETAIL. Below describes the three different packages you can choose.

Abstract Paint


Bronze offers minimal amount of detail. Very few colors are used, and objects are for the most part, flat and two dimensional with emphasis on clean straight lines. Lettering in this package are kept to single pass strokes w/o shading or layering. This is a great option for reproductions of logos/branding/unoriginal imagery or large purely aesthetic work. Pieces in this package tend to take the least amount of time.

$25-$35 per sq.ft.

Painting on Canvas


Silver offers designs which are more detailed. – Designs that put emphasis on shading, light/shadow effects and use a wide variety of colors and tones (appropriate for three dimensional pieces). Lettering in this package includes multiple pass strokes with drop shadows*. This package is more appropriate for more complex original/reproductions such as bodily figures, animals or aesthetic designs.

$35-$50 per sq.ft.

Abstract Paint


Gold is for projects that require a great amount of detail to accomplish. This package is perfect for things like portraits of specific people, heavy shading/ light effects, layered of multiple colors/images, and therefore more time is demanded. Lettering in this package has a wide range of variety in different styles, including shading, layering and three-dimensional shapes.

$50+ per sq.ft.


 Do you have a questions, comments or feedback? Send me a message below!

You can also contact me at

Thanks for submitting!

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